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Will You Dare to Be Resilient?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Our coping mechanism for adapting to different situations allows us to rapidly modify our behaviour and use different approaches to continue our lives properly.

I believe that the true meaning of words and all terms used in management and business-oriented issues are there for us to discover ourselves and what we can do when we put them into action in our lives.

When we take responsibility and accept the terms and conditions of managing our lives, we will soon understand which steps should follow in our career paths.

One can identify resilience as the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going through adversity. But what about the responsibility we have for our feelings and intuition? Do we have to struggle and adjust to a situation that no longer serves our purpose or our true growth intentions?

Some of my clients' concerns relate to dealing with difficult people on numerous occasions. And by trying to be resilient (because this is the way to be nowadays), they often forget that the person in charge of their lives is them.

Our interests indeed change throughout our lives, becoming different versions of ourselves. Thus, we might find that the "now" we face is no longer the reality we need. Understanding our feelings and listening to our intuition will give a new meaning to resilience. You know that you can recover from setbacks or quickly adapt to change in your working environment; however, please do not forget to be brave enough to define your meaning of resilience in alignment with your purpose and well-being.

You may find that your inner wisdom is fulfilling and enhances your energy and stamina. You will be surprised at how new doors open when you dare to be resilient, doors that resonate with your true self that will ignite your passion once again.

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